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Hi, my name is Ataur and I am a third year student at North Seattle Community College. I tutor as a service and I try making sure that every student that I help ace their tests and quiz. I am pretty laid back but hard working and I am more concerned about students understanding of the core mathematical concepts instead of memorizing formulas. I do provide that people contact me ahead of time and let me know in advance what they need help with.

I have had experience in privately tutoring students with Math in subjects varying from Algebra to Vector Calculus or Differential Equations. Besides privately tutoring two high school students, I also have been working in the Math Learning Center at the North Seattle Community College for 1 and a half years. The Math Learning Center is a tutoring center where college students come to get help with Math and Science homework's or test preps. My expertise is helping with Calculus but I also help students in Developmental Math. Besides Math help, I can also help with Physics ( General or Engineering). Hoping to help you in the future.


  • Tutor

    North Seattle C.c. Math Learning Center (Jan 12 - Dec 12)
  • Cashier

    North Seattle Community College Bookstore (Sep 12 - Jun 13)


  • Accounting/Mathematics

    North Seattle Community College (Jun 11 - Jun 13)
  • Accounting, Mathematics

    University Of Washington (Nov 13 - May 15)